The Irrational Fear of Being Alone

The Huffington Post by Susan Winter   The fear of being alone is terrifying for most people I know. This paralyzing projection keeps many a couple trapped in a dysfunctional loop of unhappy relations. Though the reasons stated for not separating include children, loss of money or “it’s just not the right time,” at the […]

Susan Winter Interview Trailer: Successfully$ocial

Susan Winter Interview Trailer [jwplayer mediaid="2601"]  Here’s an exciting G+ event on Thursday. I’ll be on camera with Sean Mahon. It will be a great conversation covering social media, career, the “inner you” and your outer expression in the world. Oh. Of course, we’ll discuss modern dating and getting to partnership! Trailer for forthcoming interview […]

Getting Social with Miriam Slozberg interview with Susan

Miriam Slozberg is an interesting mix of social media guru and spiritual being. I truly enjoyed our BlogTalk Radio interview on finding your “soul purpose” and how the architecture of life affects all of us. We spoke of the peril of modern love, getting to partnership, and the authentic self. Miriam is a very astute […]

Allowing Magnificence interview with Intersections Match

  Please check out this dynamic interview with Jasbina from Intersections Match as recorded on BlogTalk Radio. We discuss how to access the authentic self, and how that will assist you in your dating and mating goals. Begin to trust yourself. Follow your guidance and craft the exact type of love connection you want. Great […]

Susan’s Interview Monday: Intersections Match by Jasbina

Join me Monday with your questions on this live call-in show. I’m being interviewed by Jasbina Ahluwalia, one of the top finalist’s in OPRAH’S Search For the Next TV Star. You can listen live on the following link: Blog Talk Radio Link: Internet Live stream & archive - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jasbina/2014/03/24/allowing-magnificence–living-the-expanded-version-of-your-life–susan-winter I’ll be speaking about my newest book, “Allowing […]

Sex: The Price of Admission to the Game of Love

    This is my most recent article in The Huffington Post:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/susan-winter/sex-the-price-of-admission-to-the-game-of-love_b_4987370.html This is the best of all times to be a man. Sex isn’t the promise of a future partnership. It’s a prize that’s given freely at the beginning of a “who-knows-what” type of interaction with a woman. Standing in the middle of […]
Susan Winter

Interview with Best Of Dating Websites

Susan Winter Interview: Best Of Dating Websites HomeAsk the Expert From SusanWinter.net Ask Susan Winter: Relationship Expert and Social Futurist We are proud to present a new feature called Ask the Expert at BestofDatingWebsites. Over the next several months we will be interviewing the world’s top dating and relationship experts to give you relevant and […]

Self-Love and Self-Worth

          We want to believe that in finding love, we’ll experience love.     And, we want to believe that our beloved will make us feel     whole, confident and content. But we can never really know     any of those feelings until we have them inside of us, […]
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The Perks of Aging

As a woman of 107, I can’t say aging has been a delightful experience. I must have several young men on hand at all times just to do the basics; drive me to the male review, open my pill bottles, and remind me of what I was attempting to do but forgot. Despite its obvious […]
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Placing My Bet on Millennial Women

By Susan Winter I’m not a traditional gambler. I don’t use money. Rather, I place my hopes and dreams on something I believe has good odds of winning. This is why I’m placing my bet on millennial women. I believe they’ve got it right. Even though they doubt themselves. As Millennial’s wonder how to approach the […]
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