25 Millions views on YouTube! I want to thank everyone who is ever watched one of my videos on YouTube. Those of you who are my followers, subscribers, colleagues and friends… your contribution of support and encouragement has been tremendous. YouTube has just informed me that I have passed the 25 million mark. And this is so exciting for someone who only pulled their camera out of its packaging in January 2016.

I have enjoyed writing but I adore video. This has proven to be the most efficient method for me to get you the cutting-edge information you require on issues of love and romance.

This spring, I started the live show every Thursday. I wanted to break up the “talking torso” edited videos that you guys get every Tuesday and do something more interactive. The live show has allowed me to speak to all of you in real time, and answer your questions on the fly.

And of course I continue to create videos in response to your requests. This is been a wonderful way to get to know you, and to serve the larger community.

Thank you everyone for helping me reach this fantastic mile stone. More and more to come.


Here’s the latest: https://www.youtube.com/user/susanewinter