By: Jacqui Denker | Kristina Guerrero 

Relationship expert Susan Winter explains the 5 love languages for The List Show TV and shows how they can help build more harmonious relationships.

Do you wish your partner showed you how much they care? Maybe they are—but in their own ‘language.’ My interview with @TheListShowTV breaks down the 5 unique languages, explains how to recognize the love you’re being given, and how to receive it back in your own ‘love language.’

It’s always thrilling to be on camera. For me, it’s one of the things I like the best about my line of work. Not only do I get to meet new producers and creatives, but I get to see how they cut, edit and organize all of our content into a neat and effective package. The THE LIST always does a great job! I absolutely LOVE working with the producers at The List.

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