Hi everyone! I’m so excited to announce the Best Worst Date contest. I’m having my first-ever video submission contest and it requires the participation of my friends and followers in the greater New York City area.

I’m collecting videos that share the story of a date that went sideways (when it should have been awesome). The winner will work me one-on-one to gain clarity on what happened and create a better outcome. Check out this video for more on how the contest works:

You felt the connection and chemistry, but it went south. We’re going to try to fix that!

Shoot a 3-minute video:

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Tell us the story: Was it something you said? Something they said or did? What happened?
  • Why is this person so important to you?
  • What’s still unresolved?
  • If you could have the opportunity for a second shot why would you want one? Why them? And what would you want to do differently
  • Why we should work with you.

My team and I will review your video submission and choose 3 finalists. Then all of you, my viewers, vote to select the grand winner.

The aim of this contest is positive. We’re not looking for negative tirades. We want you to have fun, connect, and gain clarity.
Contest Rules:

  1. You must be 25+ years of age
  2. In the greater NYC area (or have access to)
  3. 3-minute video max
  4. No payment, compensation, or royalties
  5. Winner receives my coaching and assistance
  6. Submissions close by Monday, November 23rd at noon EST.
  7. Finalists will share their story publicly for grand prize voting and be on my social media platforms.

Include your name, cell, and email so we can contact you. Click here to submit your video:


I can’t wait to hear your story!!! Sending you all a virtual hug, Susan