By Chloë Hylkema

I’m thrilled to be awarded the Best Senior Dating Expert for 2024 by Dating Advice! Thank you all!

Chloe writes, “Single people in their 50s and beyond make up a unique portion of the dating field. Separated from other dating demographics by their distinct dating goals and ways of navigating romance, senior singles have a lot to enjoy in the dating field. Seniors can have a dating experience removed from some of the concerns their younger single counterparts face, like the pressure to make big commitments or know if they want kids.

Dating in the Golden Years can be a transformative, exciting, and – most importantly – fun experience. Since many seniors are done with the days of juggling careers and raising families, many have the time and energy needed to lead a robust dating life. These senior dating experts bring the most relevant tips, advice, and resources for senior men and women who are playing the field.

Susan Winter

Susan Winter

Susan Winter is reimagining the senior dating world, specifically for older women. Susan is an internationally recognized relationship expert and bestselling author. She specializes in speaking about and coaching cutting-edge partnership models and focuses on fostering self-esteem and personal empowerment in her clients. Susan said she believes every person is already bestowed with the inner power they need to lead self-actualized lives.

Susan offers one-on-one coaching, where she takes an intuitive thought-based approach. She offers one-day intensives for single people looking to make impactful changes in their romantic and emotional lives. The intensive workshop digs deep into the client’s dating challenges, questions, and concerns. Susan spends the day guiding her clients through breakdowns and toward breakthroughs.

Best for: Senior Women Seeking Empowerment

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