Aesha Scott describes the first time she and Jack Stirrup had sex as “really good.” But he claims, “I wouldn’t say it’s my best performance.”

How can two people in the same moment see it in such a different way?

Well, Jack blames the lack of space in the bunk beds, while Aesha calls him “girthy” and says he did just fine. Now the Below Deck Mediterranean duo are a couple.

“[It was] very quiet; I was so conscious that I had this camera above my head,” Aesha says, adding that overall, it was a good experience.

But what if she had felt the way Jack did? Can you get past a bad — or even horrible — first hookup if you really like the person?

Yes, says relationship and sex expert Susan Winter. She tells Personal Space that couples who become serious often don’t start out on the exact same page in bed.

“I cannot tell you how many clients and friends call me complaining about horrible, awkward, bad first sex encounters. The man could not perform, or they were awkward and uptight. Here’s what I tell everybody,” she says, “If it is the man who doesn’t perform well and is off, I tell them, lucky you.”

For a woman, you don’t want a man who’s too smooth in bed, she says.

“Here’s why: A man is good at what he does repetitively. If you have a guy who performs with ease, this is something he’s practiced a lot. You’re just Tuesday night,” she says. “You want the partner who’s nervous, off his center, and not so sure of himself for one reason only — the stakes are high for him. Getting with you is a high stakes event. That’s what’s really important. The pressure is on; he wants to do a good job because he cares.”

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