CREDITS AND ATTRIBUTIONS: Videographer- Luiz Schiel  Journalist: Allison Taylor

Love in the time of coronavirus? We can’t meet in IRL to go on a date or chat over a drink. Worse yet, many of us haven’t been out of our pajamas for weeks and the solitude is taking its toll on our dating mojo. How do we best address our loneliness? The following in an excerpt from my interview with InStyle magazine. Here’s a video clip by director/videographer Luiz Schiel:


Journalist Allison Taylor asked me the reasons behind our need to connect (and try to find love) in the midst of the pandemic:

“That depends on whether your desire for connection stems from a fear of being alone, says relationship expert and bestselling author, Susan Winter. “For some people, loneliness can translate into an obsession with finding a partner. Ask yourself: Is it possible that I want a partner way too much? If you suspect the answer is yes, take advantage of this time to be alone.” It’s not often that life gives us opportunities to examine ourselves to this extent. Identify what scares you about being alone and survive it; you’ll emerge from your self-quarantine with a sense of self-trust that will serve you well in your future relationships.

If you feel motivated to meet someone new and have time at your disposal, this could also be a great time to get to the heart of what — and who — you’re looking for. “This is an opportune time to create real connections with people because you can’t jump into sexualizing a relationship,” says Winter. “Really getting to know each other now will make your relationships stronger once restrictions are lifted.” 

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