How To Get Back With Your Ex | Huffington Post Article

You want to reconnect NOW. You fear if too much time lapses your ex will move on to someone new. Like a lost child you wait in place… hoping they’ll return.

The automatic response to an unwanted breakup is to stay frozen. We fear any forward movement will break the ties that bound us to our mate. If we just stay in place they’ll know where to find us. So we wait. And wait.

The action we need to take is contrary to our instincts:

Forward movement is […]

Dating in the Time of Bad Advice | Huffington Post Article

Dating can feel like running a marathon in high-heels and push-up bra… with a bad hangover.

The “no rules” free-for-all system we have today puts men in a vaulted seat of primacy. Men have become the treasured goal. Or so a woman is led to believe.

The magazines that serve as your coaches are failing you, ladies. While you’re flipping through articles on the latest trick to pleasing a man for the night, you’re not gaining any real guidance to secure your self-esteem for a lifetime.

I remember […]

Dating ‘Repeats’ (Same Person, Different Package)| Huffington Post Article

You’ve just come back from a date feeling as though you’re in a time warp. Does it all seem a little too familiar? You may be dating ‘repeats.’

It could be the tense guy who’s always critical, the charismatic guy that’s charmingly sexual before he bolts, or the confused guy that’s not sure what he wants after 6 months of dating.

Regardless of the type of man that rolls into your sphere, you can’t shake the feeling that you’ve already played this scene before. Moreover, you know […]

The Breakup Wisdom I Learned from my Dog| Huffington Post article

Dogs have mastered the art of unconditional love. Forgiveness, curiosity, and playfulness are just a few of the life lessons we can learn from our beloved pets.

They can also be wise teachers when it comes to a breakup.

I remember the day I got a jolt of wisdom from my beautiful white sled dog, Diva. I should have been happy while walking with her but instead I was in a funk, upset and distracted.

The guy I’d been seeing was back peddling. I knew this move and […]

How to Translate Your Lover’s Silence | Huffington Post article

Are you getting mixed messages from your partner? How do you know what they’re feeling… if they can’t (or won’t) tell you?

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re continually receiving the underlying meaning of words that are left unspoken. How does one tap into those messages and gain clarity?

Using our natural gifts:

Tune into your inner guidance for awareness of things unspoken. Human beings (especially women) have been blessed with intuition and instinct. We have the ability to feel our way toward a conclusion. When […]

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