‘Say What Needs to Be Said’ | Interactive Communication Workshop Feb 25th, 5pm Eastern

Join me on February 25th for my interactive communication workshop to learn the skills of saying what needs to be said. Hosted by WINSummit (Women In Negotiation), I’ll be giving an hour long live video presentation to address your questions and concerns in romantic communication.

Effective communication is absolutely essential for creating and maintaining a healthy partnership. Far too often couples have poor communication skills which result in misunderstandings and erroneous assumptions. Unnecessary arguments ensue, feelings are hurt, and the issues that need correction remain unresolved.

This interactive workshop […]

10 Famous Female Celebs With Younger Husbands And Their Age Gap | Universal News interview

By Sindhu Shivdas

Female Celebs With Younger Husbands And Their Age Gap— Older women and the younger husbands who love them aren’t just a ‘fad.’ My interview with Universal News explains why many successful women are drawn to partnership with a younger mate. #olderwomen #youngermen #agegaplove

Sindhu Shivdas writes, “Is age just a number even when the woman in a relationship is older? Here we have compiled a list of famous celebs who are in relation with younger husbands.”  

She continues, “We often hear about older men dating women […]

Couples everywhere: Here’s why you (or they) can’t ever find anything | CNN News interview

Couples everywhere: Here’s why you (or they) can’t ever find anything. It’s not your fault.

Does your partner routinely misplace their keys, phone, or glasses (and it’s your job to find these items)? My interview with CNN explains organizational differences and how to alleviate bickering with your mate.

Allison writes,

“Where are the stamps?” I asked my wife.

“I can’t believe you are asking me. They are right where they always are,” she yelled from across […]
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Relationships and Finding Love | Growing Bolder FaceBook LIVE interview 2.12.21

Join me on Facebook LIVE, Friday Feb.12th 10am Eastern for an interactive interview on Growing Bolder. We’ll be discussing relationships and finding love as we mature. #NPR #PBS

Click here to join my episode: https://www.facebook.com/GrowingBolder

Growing Bolder doesn’t just inspire change; it provides the tools, tips and resources to make it happen. Growing Bolder features inspirational stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives, highlighting men and women who are smashing stereotypes and redefining the […]

More Than Friends? | Awaken Atlanta TV interview

ATTRIBUTIONS and CREDITS: Hosts Tim Ray and Shannon McVey of Awaken Atlanta TV #TV #interview #relationshipadvice #emotionalaffairs


Are you more than friends? Awaken Atlanta TV hosts Tim Ray and Shannon McVey and I discuss emotional affairs, situationships, and open relationships in this interview on Awaken Atlanta. Enjoy! […]

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