Relationships and Finding Love | Growing Bolder FaceBook LIVE interview 2.12.21

Join me on Facebook LIVE, Friday Feb.12th 10am Eastern for an interactive interview on Growing Bolder. We’ll be discussing relationships and finding love as we mature. #NPR #PBS

Click here to join my episode:

Growing Bolder doesn’t just inspire change; it provides the tools, tips and resources to make it happen. Growing Bolder features inspirational stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives, highlighting men and women who are smashing stereotypes and redefining the […]

Announcing: The ‘Best Worst Date’ Contest and Film!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to announce the Best Worst Date contest. I’m having my first-ever video submission contest and it requires the participation of my friends and followers in the greater New York City area.

I’m collecting videos that share the story of a date that went sideways (when it should have been awesome). The winner will work me one-on-one to gain clarity on what happened and create a better outcome. Check out this video for more on how the contest works:

You felt the […]

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How to Create ‘Love À La Carte’ | International Mental Health Festival presentation

How to Create ‘Love À La Carte’ 

I’m thrilled and honored to be presenting my ‘Love A La Carte Method’ at the International Mental Health Festival on Nov. 8th! Join me to learn how to create the type of love model you want. Free. Virtual. Fantastic.

Life is evolving. Humans are evolving. This means that our relationship models should evolve as well. Thankfully, we now recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for partnerships. Today’s evolved individuals are seeking their ‘like-minded other’ to form a love model […]

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‘All Things Emotional’ | presentation at the World Economic Forum

I’m thrilled and honored to be presenting at the World Economic Forum on Valentine’s Day! Massive thanks to Joan Ai and the DQ Institute for creating and organizing ‘All Things Emotional’— the integration of emotional and digital intelligence.

This Valentine’s Day a workshop will be led by relationship expert, Susan Winter,  presenting the intersection of emotional and digital love for your “heart” and “brain.” Hosted by DQ Institute in association with the World Economic Forum this interactive prevention covers modern dating and partnership in a digital […]

SUSAN LIVE: Q&A via Magnifi Sunday Nov. 4th 12pm EST

Join me LIVE this Sunday: Q&A via Magnifi on Facebook and YouTube

Susan Live: Do you have a relationship question you want to ask me? Call me on Sunday November 4th. I’ll be on Facebook Live and YouTube Live for this special event. Watch the video for details:

I’m going live to answer your questions on love and romance, and the wonderful people at Magnifi are helping me do so.

Facebook Live: Noon EST 

YouTube Live:  1pm EST (susanewinter)

How does this work? You’ll be calling me via […]

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