The 5 Languages of Love | The Head Over Heels Show

The 5 Languages of Love – How to Better Communicate With Your Partner and Avoid Issues that Could Sabotage Your Relationship

Tired of arguments that don’t get solved? Wishing your partner was more demonstrative? These are major issues— until you know the 5 love languages. My interview with Head Over Heels clears away the confusion and makes room for love’s return. #5lovelanguages #podcast

In today’s show, co-hosts, Nina, and Roger interview relationship expert, Susan Winter. Susan is also the bestselling author of Older Women, Younger Men. […]

A Relationship Expert Explains the 5 Love Languages | ABC’s The List Show TV

By: Jacqui Denker | Kristina Guerrero 

Relationship expert Susan Winter explains the 5 love languages for The List Show TV and shows how they can help build more harmonious relationships.

Do you wish your partner showed you how much they care? Maybe they are—but in their own ‘language.’ My interview with @TheListShowTV breaks down the 5 unique languages, explains how to recognize the love you’re being given, and how to receive it back in your own ‘love language.’#5lovelanguages #datingadvice #relationshipadvice

 It’s always thrilling to be […]

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Announcing: The ‘Best Worst Date’ Contest and Film!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to announce the Best Worst Date contest. I’m having my first-ever video submission contest and it requires the participation of my friends and followers in the greater New York City area.

I’m collecting videos that share the story of a date that went sideways (when it should have been awesome). The winner will work me one-on-one to gain clarity on what happened and create a better outcome. Check out this video for more on how the contest works:

You felt the […]

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Secret Relationships | ABC Radio’s ‘Overnights with Rod Quinn’ interview

Secret Relationships. What do we know about secret relationships? My interview with ABC Radio’s ‘Overnight’s with Rod Quinn’ explains why people choose to keep their relationship secret. How do they function? What’s the protocol? How does the couple get away with it?

This conversation and interview were prompted by Australia’s NSW Premiere Gladys Berejiklian and her 5-year long partner, Daryl Maguire, with whom she’d had a secret relationship.


Here are our main talking points:

  • Why do people get into secret relationships?
  • The good and the bad?
  • Is it […]

Help! I’m 32, Back Living with My Parents, and Trying to Date | The Daily Beast

The pandemic drove you back home to live with your parents. How do you date as an adult (in the place where you were the child)? Here are my tips, as shared with @TheDailyBeast. Journalist Nikki Frias writes,
“The pandemic has led the author, like so many, to return to live with her parents. This means also trying to date under their inquisitive eyes. And questions. So many questions.
At 32, I definitely didn’t expect to be single, unemployed, and sleeping in […]
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