POWER OF EMOTIONS with Ernie Anastos | WABC Radio Feature

The power of emotions determines our daily actions and decisions. My radio interview with my colleague and friend, Ernie Anastos, on WABC Radio discusses how to handle reactivity and shift to wise choice. Here’s our clip from Positively Ernie.


Ernie is a legend in television and radio. One of the things that I admire most about Ernie is the quality of character he possesses. Through and through, he’s a fine human being who seeks to add a positive perspective on Life.

We all know […]

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10 Signs You May Want To Press Pause On Your Love Life |


Want to press pause on your dating life? Feel like dating taking up too much space in your head? My interview with explains how a dating detox can reboot your emotional and mental health. #datingdetox #BreakFromDating #selflove #mentalhealth

Emily writes, “Just like in the workplace, burnout is all too real in the dating world. Though we’re conditioned to think finding The One (if you believe in that kind of thing) should be something we’re constantly striving for and focused on, sometimes it’s actually better for us […]

How To Navigate Being The Only Single Friend In Your Group | Glam Magazine interview


Are you the only single friend in your group? Being single can be challenging in a couples’ world, but especially so in your friend group. My interview in Glam Magazine explains how to confidently handle this situation. #single #singleinfriendgroup #couplesworld  

Zoe writes, “Every friend group has that perpetually single friend. While everyone else in the squad has either been in a committed relationship for years or is excited about their brand-new partner, that one friend is always flying solo. The idea of a person […]

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When is it Okay to Ghost Someone? | Glam interview


Is it ever okay to ghost someone? Surprisingly, yes. My interview with Glam shows you when you a hard cut-off is the right move: #ghosting #boundaries #safedating

Journalist and editor Amanda Chatel writes, “Although it’s probably safe to assume that people have been ghosting since the dawn of time, it’s only been since 2015 that the term “ghosting” has become part of our vernacular (via Mic). And now we know that it was just the beginning of dating-related terminology that was going to seep into […]

5 Behaviors That Reveal Someone is Gaslighting You | Power of Positivity interview


How do you know if someone’s gaslighting you? My interview with The Power of Positivity exposes the 5 toxic behaviors that reveal gaslighting. Recognize them to eliminate false narratives (and regain your truth): #gaslighting #toxic

According to relationship expert Susan Winter, gaslighting occurs when someone tries to control someone else through manipulation by making them doubt themselves, their intuition and their reality. Note that the purpose […]

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