CHEATING is usually a deal-breaker in a relationship, as trust is normally key. An expert has revealed one big sign that your husband or wife is cheating on you.

Cheating is considered one of the biggest betrayals in a relationship. Many are concerned their husband or wife might be sleeping with somebody else. But according to experts, there is one sign your partner might be having an affair – or wants to. Many Britons use social media in their day to day life.

How much you feature on your partner’s social media could be a sign of how committed they are to you.

According to one expert, if someone is reluctant to put their other half on social media then it is likely they are trying to hide them. NYC-based love and life coach Susan Winter told Elite Daily that someone not connecting with their partner on social media is the “worst case scenario”. Refusing to pose with someone in a picture, just the two of them, is also a sign.

“If you’re in a photo [with them], it’s with a group so as to not signal a romantic connection,” she said.

“And the worst case scenario is that they haven’t connected with you on social media at all.”

Even if your partner simply says they don’t use social media, Susan claims there is still cause to be suspicious.

She said: “They claim it’s not important or gives reasons why it would be detrimental to your relationship, but the bottom line is, you’re excluded.”

What other cheating signs are there to look out for if you suspect your partner?

Your partner’s relationship with your parents could reveal if they will cheat.

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