A Day with Susan: $1750.00

Sessions currently offered: Scottsdale 

This one-day intensive strategy session provides the ultimate jump-start to solving your dating issues and relationship concerns.

A Day with Susan is one-on-one private time with me, dedicated solely to YOU. This session is designed for maximum impact and major breakthroughs. If you’re stuck, confused, or just want to improve your dating and partnership skills, this is the correct consultation choice for you.

  • 3.5 hour in-person session with me
  • Breakfast or lunch included
  • Premiere Resort Scottsdale/Phoenix

Booking: Fill out the application form to begin the process. Your payment reserves the session. You’ll then receive an overview of our day together, intake form, and my contact numbers. I’ll be available to answer any questions you may have before our consultation.

Public Figures/Celebrities— Email Confidentiality Agreements to the Media Division after your booking (media@susanwinter.net)

Tax Deductions— Information upon request. Defer to the advisement of your accounting team.

I travel seasonally between NYC and Scottsdale. Not in either location? Concierge service is available to your city. Hotel, airfare and transportation fees are in addition to the list price.