Can you breakup over a $120 wine glass? My @newsweek interview shares the (real) reason why relationships end and why the ‘little things’ can seem so big: #breakups #$120wineglass #livingtogether

Sara writes, “In a now-viral post, a man said he and his girlfriend recently got into a three-day argument over a $120 wine glass.

Posting in Reddit‘s “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) forum under a throwaway account, the man asked: “AITA for asking my girlfriend to pay for the wine glass she broke?” The post has garnered 8,400 upvotes and thousands of comments questioning the state of the couple’s relationship. Now, the couple may be on the verge of breaking up.

Why Couples Fight

According to New York City-based relationship expert and love coach Susan Winter, how a couple fights and what they fight about tends to change after moving in together. Speaking to Elite Daily, she said arguments between live-in couples tend to be more “intense” and often arise over smaller things.

“You live with your partner now, so everything is more intense as ‘running away’ isn’t an option when they irritate you,” Winter said. “The close proximity to each other can augment irritation and incite arguments over nonsensical issues.”

Couple arguing in kitchen
Here, a stock photo of a couple arguing in a kitchen. In a now-viral post, a man said he and his girlfriend recently got into a three-day argument over a $120 wine glass.PROSTOCK-STUDIO/ISTOCK

Counselor Jonathan Bennett also told Bustle that many “post-move-in issues” stem from the realization that a couple isn’t as compatible as they once believed themselves to be.

“Even couples that spend a lot of time together still don’t encounter the challenges that come from living under the same roof,” Bennett said. “It requires at least some merging of finances and being dependent on the other person to a degree (e.g. to pay a share of the bills). Many couples who were happy living independently find that when they move in together they simply aren’t compatible in that way.”

After a string of post-move-in fights, ending with the most recent argument over the wine glass, the man posting to Reddit believes it may be time for him to reconsider things with his girlfriend, Trish.


In his post, the man said he and Trish moved in together a little over a year ago.

“When we initially decided to move in together, we decided to split all expenses 60/40 because of our combined income distribution (I make 60 percent of our gross monthly earnings, she makes 40 percent),” he said.

Several days ago, Trish broke a $120 wine glass of his while she was cleaning. When Trish approached her boyfriend about it, he asked her to reimburse him in full for the glass, but she didn’t think this was fair.”

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