Find The Right Man interviews Susan Winter on her Cure for Heartbreak. This discussion outlines her 7-step process to healing the pain of a breakup.

In this interview Antia Boyd and Susan dissect the myths that create the pain of heartache.This discussion outlines her 7-step process to healing the pain of a breakup, and moving toward wholeness. Susan’s insight has helped countless individuals recover their confidence and serenity. This interview illuminates the way out of heartache:

  • Why we long for them one minute and hate them the next
  • How to get out of the loop of yearning
  • How to stop our social media obsession of snooping
  • Why they’re not what we actual miss at all

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Antia Boyd

Antia Boyd struggled for years with loneliness, frustration and attracting emotionally unavailable men before she finally broke through, hired a dating coach, had great success with her dating and met her loving, supportive and handsome husband! She has now been helping elite single women all over the world to find the right man to share their life with & be happier quickly without trust issues, sadness or self sabotage getting in the way for over 11+ years. She studied Personality Psychology at U.C. Berkeley, has spoken at Google and over 100 other stages and radio shows all over the US, and for over a decade studied everything that she could get her hands on in the areas of men, dating & attracting a long-term, loving & supportive relationship quickly without fear. She now lives in the beautiful San Diego area of California with her amazing husband Brody.