Dating after divorce (in your 40’s)? My podcast interview with the Alchemy of Women reveals the complexities of online dating, and how to best approach this new world with open eyes and an open heart.


Host Lisa Lovlin and Susan discuss the many challenges women face when entering the new world of dating after divorce, and having been partnered in a relationship for many years. How do you date? What’s the protocol? Who pays? When do you have sex?

These are the questions that Susan and Lisa cover in this episode of The Alchemy of Women.

Dating after divorce can be difficult. Where do you begin. How much baggage do you have. Considering all that you know now what kind of partner do you want? And especially for those who been in long-term relationships with their partners since college, it will be a very new terrain to begin dating again.

Should you start online, what are the rules now? There’s so many questions to ask yourself and especially for ladies over 40. This can be a difficult time or it can be a time to rejoice.

SUSAN shares some of her ideas on how to optimize your time and effort. She makes sure that you know your goals in advance, and that you date intentionally.

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