In this episode we talk with relationship expert, Susan Winter, as she shares her top “dating essentials” every woman needs to know. Listen in as she shares her expert opinion regarding dating and marriage. And find out what she considers a best practices formula for women single, dating, or partnered.

What ever your stage in life, and what ever your status— in a relationship or single, you’ll find that this episode of Susan speaking resonates for you as she focuses on the key points you need to know to create a loving and long-lasting partnership.


This interview discusses the following topics:

  • How and why you should set your own sexual pace
  • “Marriage à la carte” (creating the type of partnership that works for you). This discussion is based on a popular article Susan wrote for the HuffingtonPost.
  • “Confessions of a lazy lover.” This is another HuffingtonPost article Susan wrote on the merits of being happy and comfortably as a single.
  • “The big secret every single needs to know.” This is the third HuffingtonPost article discussed on the show which highlights the benefits that singles often miss. It’s so easy to feel sad about being single when you think everyone else is partnered. But is that really the case? And are those “partnered people” happier than you are, as a single?

While Susan covers best-practices for the modern dater who wants to find love, she’s also very clear on the fact that the “in between times” are rich and have value.

There are many benefits to being single.  And the best way to leap forward into partnership, is to have come from a happy and fulfilling Life as a single.