By Rhiannon Ingle

Could you be ‘micro-cheating’ in your relationship? Check out my interview in Tyla to see if you (or your partner) are guilty.

Rhiannon writes,”If you were wanting to sort out your love life once and for all in 2024 then listen up as one dating expert has warned how you could be ‘micro-cheating’ in your relationship.

This ‘small actions’ includes any ‘subtle betrayals’ like being a bit too flirty with your work colleague, getting all done just in the hopes you may see that good-looking bloke on your commute or stalking an ex’s Insta profile just to keep tabs on what they’re up to.

While people are totally entitled to their privacy and independence in relationships, another relationship expert, Susan Winter, opened up about the boundaries of what micro-cheating really means.

She also told The Independent: “Although micro-cheating may not be physical cheating, it’s certainly testing the borders of emotional cheating.

“Flirting is flirting. And flirting is the act of fanning a spark that can easily spread to a flame.”

If the answer is ‘no’ to the first question and ‘not great’ to the second then you, my friend, may be guilty of micro-cheating.

Susan recommends open and honest communication if this is the case, talking to your partner about the issue in a diplomatic and rational way by explaining the observations you’ve made, and how they have affected you.