Given a woman is older, she will have had more time to invest in her career than a younger man. Therefore, there may be a noticeable economic difference. The younger the man, the greater the economic difference. While this fact has created an entire conversation in the world at large between same age couples, it’s part and parcel of the older woman/younger man dynamic. Maybe she was well- married, and divorced with a huge settlement. Or she’s been working hard for many years and now enjoys the fruits of her labor. Economic differences undermine the male security system. Since a man’s identity is linked to his earning capacity, any economic disparity throws a younger man off his power base when dating a substantial older woman. Not to worry. While this is one of the pitfalls, it’s offset by other factors that raise the younger man’s value.

As women continue to evolve, they value a higher set of characteristics beyond the archaic formula of wealth and status. After all, today’s women have both… and on their own terms. So, what was once a problem, is now just a difference. The younger man may not have the best table in the restaurant, or the ability to fly his partner all over the world with ease. But, he does have other perks that rank high in an older woman’s value system. He has adventure, an open mind and an unfinished story. He is enthusiastic about life, and about the world at large. Life still holds promise. There is still the hope of better things to come, unburdened by the weight of excess baggage to dash his dreams. He has a zest for life his older counterparts may have lost through nasty alimony cases and bitter corporate dealings. Add to all this increased zest in the bedroom, and a sense of playfulness and experimentation.

While younger men may not hold all the chips they will in later life, they hold valuable chips in their own right. As women mature, the essence of a younger man’s joy and fresh viewpoint become increasingly valuable. His perspective is current, and not tied to older models of what should be, and the allusion of appropriateness. Older women can relax, enjoying their stability while experiencing their own adventure with a younger man. Economically stable and secure, they can afford to play— perhaps for the first time since their youth. They can afford the luxury of their own achievements, and in combination with their younger partner, truly enjoy themselves. For everything he doesn’t have, he has so much more of real value to add to an older woman’s life. Economic differences are minor, when the total tab is calculated.