We know certain truths about the physical world in which we live, yet want to create a different story when it comes to love. We can easily observe the changing of the seasons. We know life contains the reality of birth and death.

But in love, we want things to be different. We want ease, security and the promise of no pain. This is the very fantasy that causes our discontentment.

It’s  only upon understanding that there are two sides to life, as well as many dimensions of variance in between, that we’ll finally be at peace.

To ask love to never include pain, is a non-reality.

It’s only in the acceptance of this truth that we can move easy in and out of love. It’s only in this acceptance that we can flow with the tides love brings, while loving.

Love, just as life, will include some degree of pain along with its sweetness. There will be the pain of a lover that has died, is sick, has left our life, and countless other scenarios that can happen in this lifetime.

People evolve. Things change. Life is continually moving forward, and that’s a good thing. We human beings are in a constant state of growth. To ask a lover to never change for our own sense of safely, is to ask the totality of our life-force to cease its evolution.

Endings happen. As they should. If they didn’t, people and life in general, wouldn’t advance.

Every ending will become a new beginning. We see it all around us in nature, yet chafe at its presence in romance. If we can begin to associate each ending with a new beginning, we will finally alleviate our true discord.

In the midst of your own love’s ending, I suggest this. Look at life, and remember this Principle. You will again feel love, if you allow yourself to do so. This ending foreshadows your new beginning. When the crying is done and the anger has subsided, you will see it.

Do what you must to process your transit. But know, remember, and believe in the purpose of life. It is advancement. There’s nothing happening to you that in some way won’t be of direct benefit to your advancement.

Trust yourself and trust life. Be at ease. All is well, and as intended. You will see.