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From Kevin Costner-Christine Baumgartner to Sophie Turner-Joe Jonas, why so many bitter Hollywood divorces? My interview in MEAWW answers: #HollywoodDivorces #KevinCostner #JoeJonas #SophieTurner #CelebrityNews

Barsha writes, “LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The year 2023 has witnessed some of the biggest Hollywood stars getting involved in bitter divorce battles.

From Kim Zolciak-Kroy Beirmann and Kevin Costner-Christine Baumgartner to Sam Asghari -Britney Spears and Sophie Turner-Joe Jonas, A-listers are not just ending their marriages but parting on a bitter note.

The amicable split between Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness is the rare exception.

Amid a summer of messy divorces, New York-based relationship expert and bestselling author Susan Winter and family law attorney of Austin-based Kirker Davis LLP, Holly Davis, who has extensive experience in high-net-worth divorce cases, spoke to MEAWW about why so many recent celebrity divorces have become so acrimonious.

“Breakups become acrimonious when there are deep-rooted resentments from infidelity, betrayal, and dishonesty. If you add in the issues of fighting over marital assets and custody of the children, the divorce quickly turns bitter,” Winter stated.

Pre-nuptial agreement – boon or bane?

Speaking about why a prenuptial agreement is important in high-profile marriages, Winter explained, “Prenups are an excellent idea for any couple marrying nowadays. This is especially so for high net worth individuals.”

“We can no longer assume that we’ll live together happily ever after. Recent history has shown that (eventual) divorce is more the norm than the exception. In this regard, Hollywood couples lead the pack in recycling their spouses,” she added.

Social media, cancel culture and fandoms affect celeb divorces 

As seen during recent events, while celebrities fight a war in the court, their devoted fans often take it upon themselves to engage in a separate battle on social media by attacking the individual standing against their idol.

Speaking about the impact of social media, cancel culture and fandoms on celebrity divorces, Winter said, “Social media can certainly fan the flames of a contentious divorce and be used as a weapon of defamation to destroy the image and reputation of a spouse.”

Common reasons behind the end of long-term marriages

Most of the latest celebrity divorces involved stars in long-term marriages, deciding to call it quits.

Discussing the key reason behind long-term marriages and relationships, especially ones under constant limelight and public scrutiny coming to an end, Winter told MEAWW, “Hollywood relationships are made more difficult by the prying eyes of the press.”

“The smallest sideways glance caught on camera can be fodder for the gossip mill. Fueling rumors of cheating and highlighting bad behavior gets clicks and sells magazines. This marketing ploy does no favor to the Hollywood marriage,” the relationship expert added.”

Relationship expert Susan Winter discussed why celeb divorces have turned acrimonious (Susan Winter/Instagram)


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