Women, beware. You have money and power; which demands caution when assessing the sincerity of your admirers. There’s a new breed of savvy man hitting the dating scene. He’s not into the conquest of bedding you for the glory of bragging rights. He’s not into a relationship based on how wonderful you are, even if he’s same-aged or older. He’s into your money and the lifestyle he may gain by knowing you. Self-edification knows no age or gender boundaries.

Women have advanced in every frontier of life, and now are seen as an equal opportunity conduit to the advancement of their mates. Awareness of this new dynamic will hold you in good stead, as you discern those that are true from those that are false.

As today’s women have money of their own, they too are falling victim to those who seek to benefit. Replicating the age old barter system of men trading power and status for youth and beauty, all women are now officially on “Gigolo Alert.” Like the fat, old, bald (but rich) men who preceded them for centuries, women are beginning to taste the dark side of their hard-won success.

Don’t be a fool. Many a man has learned the tricks of the trade and may be tempted to capitalize on your gain. The massive socio-economic power shift of the last quarter century has now swung the door wide open to place women in the unenviable role men traditionally held. What should you do?

It’s wise to question your man’s motives. Does he want you, for you? Or does he want you for what you have? This is something men have had to ask throughout the ages. Now, it’s your turn. Follow your intuition. Use your inherent female skills to sniff out the truth. Don’t be left holding a depleted bank account along with a broken heart.

The rise of the female empowerment signals the rise of another form of “disparity opportunity.” Know your partner, and know yourself. Ask the hard questions of yourself, and him. Utilize your vast resources of female intuition. Therein lies the power to unlock the information you seek. A woman forewarned is a woman well armed.