How to Create ‘Love À La Carte’

I’m thrilled and honored to be presenting my ‘Love A La Carte Method’ at the International Mental Health Festival on Nov. 8th! Join me to learn how to create the type of love model you want. Free. Virtual. Fantastic.

Life is evolving. Humans are evolving. This means that our relationship models should evolve as well. Thankfully, we now recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for partnerships. Today’s evolved individuals are seeking their ‘like-minded other’ to form a love model that resonates with truth, passion, and authenticity. No longer confined to a cookie-cutter, looking-good image of successful partnership, we’re now free to design a relationship that suits our unique disposition, desires, and life purpose.

So, how do individuals find the love they want in the real world? Relationship Expert Susan Winter shares her step-by-step process for designing a love model that reflects your unique disposition and romantic goals.

My ‘Love À La Carte’ formula enables you to discover the relationship format best tailored to you, and how to communicate this design to a prospective mate. This discussion will focus on; clarifying your greatest desires in a partnership, examining why you want what you want and thinking about how your ideal relationship should look, feel and function in the real world.

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