Are you the only single friend in your group? Being single can be challenging in a couples’ world, but especially so in your friend group. My interview in Glam Magazine explains how to confidently handle this situation. #single #singleinfriendgroup #couplesworld  

Zoe writes, “Every friend group has that perpetually single friend. While everyone else in the squad has either been in a committed relationship for years or is excited about their brand-new partner, that one friend is always flying solo. The idea of a person who always does their own thing and has a dating life that’s been dead for longer than they can remember or never seems to go anywhere isn’t a new concept. Many TV shows and movies — typically romantic comedies or sitcoms — often find humor in having a character whose single status makes them stand out from the rest of their friends. This figure can be a free-spirited supporting character used as comic relief or the protagonist who finds love at the end of the fictional story. But in real life, being the one single friend in the group doesn’t always feel so amusing.

You can find many relatable videos about how it feels to be single when all your friends are taken by searching “the single friend” on TikTok. Such is a video that shares the duality of being happy for coupled friends and the inevitable loneliness the single status brings. But being the squad’s single friend can be a blessing rather than a curse if you navigate the position with the right mindset.

Enjoy Being By Yourself

Being alone also gives you more time to find and commit to a hobby you love. Maybe you’ll want to try something artistic and creative. Perhaps having more time on your hands is your sign to take an adult dance class! In addition to relaxing evenings and new hobbies, consider doing date-type activities alone. As Miley Cyrus sings in her hit song “Flowers,” “I can take myself dancing, and I can hold my own hand,” so why not take inspiration from the pop star? For example, if you want to check out a cute coffee shop, enjoy it alone. Or, as Cyrus says, try going out dancing by yourself.

Ask Yourself Why You’re Single

Before you feel down about being the single friend in the group, try to remember why you don’t have a partner in the first place. Maybe you don’t even want a relationship! When constantly surrounded by couples, it can be easy to forget your reasons for flying solo, and perhaps, the primary motive is that you don’t desire romantic love or a partner at the moment. If that’s the case, recognizing that will remind you that there’s no reason to be sad about being the group’s single friend.

“Being single is the perfect time to reassess who you are and where you want to be in life. What changes do you want to make? You now have the time and the ability to focus on the one consistent factor that will create the change you’re seeking – yourself.” Susan Winter, a relationship expert/bestselling author, told Time Magazine. Just focus on yourself, and enjoy the lack of distractions!

If you realize you want a relationship, ponder why you may not have found anyone yet. Are you not putting yourself out there enough? Are you pickier than the rest of your friend group? Do you have too busy of a schedule to go on many dates? Asking yourself these questions can help you determine why you still have not found your special someone.

Consider What Your Cuffed Friends Can’t Experience and Count Your Blessings

When you feel down about having so many friends in relationships, try instead being grateful for having so many friends in the first place. Many people struggle to find friends, so the fact that you experience being part of a friend group is something that you should be thankful for, even if your pals are busier than usual lately. And you should try not to compare yourself to your friends, but if you can’t help but compare, think about everything your single status gives you a chance to do that your cuffed friends can’t experience because they’re in relationships. For instance, if you and your friends spot a hottie on your next night out, you can flirt with that attractive individual and potentially have a hot make-out sesh — you’re not cuffed!”


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