We all have a special quality that we possess.  Uniquely ours, it can only be expressed by us. It’s not our talents or gifts. It’s not our fame or fortune. It’s not our beauty or brilliance. It is our essence.

When we become aware of our own unique essence, we gain mastery of our presence. We begin to understand how we appear to others and what we create within them. We each have a resonance, a vibe, and a core that radiates our interior qualities. It is that, which draws others to us. Essence eclipses age and finance. It bypasses youth and beauty.

It’s the key we hold that’s essential to our awakening love within another. We can harness and refine it, or stand in oblivion and not see it. To activate and cultivate it is the key to seduction and attraction. Whether straight or gay, male or female…. none of this matters. To know what signal we’re sending out is to know our power.

Know your power (your essence). It’s what draws love to you. It’s what creates the type of relationships you’re experiencing. You are the key to all that you want in partnership.

It’s easy to get hung-up on what ‘they’ did or didn’t do. It’s far too seductive to believe ‘they’ aren’t being a good partner or returning your affection. Looking outward, the person seems to be the problem. But in truth, you are the director of your own romantic movie. You are the screenwriter of what takes place, and the lead actor.

Take your power back and live the vision you see in your mind. Know you are the one who has the power to create the love you want. It starts with you. Set your mind to see the outcome you desire, and be in harmony with that goal. Know your power and live it.