Exciting news! I’ve launched a Membership Program on YouTube that’s packed with perks. You’ll get exclusive videos, consultation discounts, 10% off merch, $10 off my Dating Games Guide and much more. Check out the rewards: #Membership

YouTube asked me to do this, and all of you have been asking me to do this. So, it’s here! Take a look at this video for an overview of each tier and the benefits you’ll receive through membership.


The best part about the Membership is that it’s here to serve you. I’ve had many requests for personal Q&A videos and they’re now available as part of my exclusive content for the FRIENDS and FAMILY tiers. Ask me a question on the form provided and you’ll have my video response as your answer.

Wondering what each tier brings you? Here’s the answer!

Ready to join me? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/c/SusanWinter/join