Join me for a LIVE Q&A call-in this coming Tuesday, December 18th.

Facebook Live- 7pm EST 

YouTube Live- 8pm EST (susanewinter)

Join me this Tuesday for a LIVE call-in, via Magnifi. You’ll be able to speak to me directly and ask your questions on love, heartbreak, and being single during the holidays.


  • Alone for the holidays?
  • Recently broken up?
  • Not invited to your partner’s home?

Do you have a holiday relationship question you want to ask me? I’ll answer your calls on love and romance, thanks to the wonderful people at Magnifi. The calls are free. The Magnifi app is free.

How to call me via Magnifi:

How does this work? You’ll be calling me via Magnifi, the free iPhone app. If you already work with me on Magnifi, call as you would normally. For those of you who’re new to the system, download the Magnifi app. Fill out your profile. Then, enter “Susan Winter” in the search bar when you’re ready to call me. It’s free!

Need help or information about Magnifi?