The years’ list of most influential dating sites includes Zoosk,, and experts for dating like youtube sensation and author Susan Winter and women dating expert Adam De Louise and much more.

There is an app which is trendy and influential and you can always consider it to get the perfect match: is one of the most popular sites which is dedicated to helping its users around the globe to find their Mr. Right or Ms. Right. With the changing roles of gender, a plethora of various dating apps and new trends it has become quite a challenge to find your soul mate. Modern dating roles are quite confusing too and to make this chaining task easier, Datezie has established a list of most influential dating sites and dating experts of the year 2019 to help users explore the best partners for themselves.

The most influential dating experts

The award winner Susan Winter is the bestselling author and relationship expert who has surpassed more than 10 million views. Her expert opinions on dating trends have bought a fresh outlook on online dating apps.

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