Relationships are far more complicated than in former times. Having evolved as a species, our needs eclipse those of former generations. Whether we want “the one” or “the one for now,” factors by which people traditionally dated and mated are currently in flux. Humans desire meaningful connections regardless of where we are in our lives and personal evolution. The imperative of all Life is to advance and loved ones enrich that experience. The question remains— as we advance, what form will our relationships take? Only when we know our disposition and core values, can we properly assess how to go about the business of dating in today’s world.

Incumbent upon each of us wanting to connect with another is the honest appraisal of what we want. Exactly. If we don’t know that, we’ll be set adrift in a sea of confusion allowing our partner to take the reins and create their desired outcome. Know yourself. Be clear about what you want. Be clear also, about your ability to function in the type of relationship you seek. Don’t set goals you can’t achieve just to capture someone. There will be no joy in that attainment. Set the parameters for a foundation from which you can be yourself, and flourish. Without that knowledge, you won’t enjoy the experience of connection and won’t advance in accomplishing your desires for partnership, no matter what form it takes.