Wondering if the guy you like, likes you? My interview with @thelist details non-obvious signals you may be missing. #Attraction #romance #desire #datingadvice

Erica writes, “Dating can be tricky. Between navigating the games some people play and knowing how to read signals, it can be confusing. While the easiest way to know for sure how someone feels about you is to simply come out and ask them yourself, this is often easier said than done.

It turns out that, contrary to what you may think, the different sexes are not all that different in how we communicate our romantic interest. What else should you look for? Keep reading to learn the subtle signs to tell if he likes you.

He makes time for you and does what he says

Another good way to determine whether he’s into you? He does what he says. He makes time for you and doesn’t come up with excuses. “If it’s real, words and actions should sync up,” as relationship expert, love coach, and author Susan Winter explained to Elite Daily. “Their words are in harmony with their behavior.”

He remembers small details about you

When a guy goes out of his way to show that he remembers small details you tell him, it shows that he’s listening to you and that he likes you. From taking notice of your idiosyncrasies to how you like your coffee, if he remembers these small details, you are definitely on his mind — in a good way. For example, he may show you he’s paying attention by putting time and effort into picking out a gift he’ll know you’ll like or sending you a link to an article he knows you’ll find interesting. Men tend to show their interest and their love in this subtle but significant way.”

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