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The Scoop: Susan Winter is an opera singer turned bestselling author, turned dating coaching extraordinaire. She has established her authority as a love mentor by offering straight-to-the-point dating and relationship advice in short, quality videos. Tens of thousands of people follow her YouTube channel and depend on her candid guidance to help them handle love’s curve balls. Through on-demand coaching, Susan also offers herself as a personal resource for singles with particular issues. She has a profile on Magnifi, a groundbreaking consultation app, which allows her to share her expertise in real time during video or audio sessions with affordable by-the-minute rates. This uniquely flexible system has proven effective and lucrative for the dating coach, who has tripled her revenue in the last year.

Love and Life Mentor Susan Winter makes herself available to singles facing daily challenges. The NYC coach encourages her clients to reach out to her in moments of crisis and confusion so they can get the answers they need when they need them.

As a professional love and life mentor, Susan Winter’s job is to get to the heart of relationship issues.

Susan places herself on-call throughout the day, meaning clients don’t have to schedule an appointment to seek her advice. They can just call her.

One day, Susan was shopping at a pet store when a client called with a dating emergency. Amid yipping pups and squawking birds, the dating and relationship expert offered tailored guidance to the client and helped her work out her issues within a few minutes.

Magnifi is the knowledge-sharing app that makes such conversations possible. The app’s high-tech communication tools allow Susan to stay in touch with clients while on the go. Singles from all over the world can check the app to see if she’s available and press call to participate in a live coaching session on a pay-per-minute plan.

Susan said her on-call coaching packages have proven valuable to her clients and lucrative to her business. She has tripled her annual income by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology and ensuring the people who need assistance in the dating scene can access her expertise on demand.

“Many dating and relationship issues are time-sensitive,” she said. “People have issues in real time, and they don’t always have the luxury of booking an appointment. They need an answer right now.”

Using the Magnifi App Enabled Susan to Grow Her Business

In the last year, Susan has pioneered a new way to organize and arrange dating coaching sessions. She has empowered her clients to choose when to schedule an appointment and how much they want to pay for that session. The pay-by-the-minute setup gives clients additional flexibility, so even daters on a budget can reach out and ask a quick question.

Magnifi empowers dating experts to offer on-demand coaching services.

Magnifi has made all this possible with groundbreaking audio and video consultation tools. The app is ideal for dating professionals who want to expand their reach, influence, and revenue within a few clicks.

Susan gave the app a five-star review, saying, “I absolutely LOVE this app. I’ve expanded my client base by picking up new people who’re eager to work by the minute and on demand. I’ve seen significant sales growth.”

Significant is putting it mildly. Susan had doubled her income within a year of offering on-demand coaching, and, in the last few months, she has tripled what she made last year.

Susan attributes this ballooning revenue growth to the Magnifi app’s simple, on-demand consultation interface. All she has to do is set her hours and wait for clients to get in touch.

“I’m so grateful,” she said. “I’m always looking for the best way to serve my clients needs, and I believe Magnifi’s by-the-minute and on-demand approach would work wonders for anyone in the consulting business.”

Her Authenticity in YouTube Videos Draws People to Her

Susan told us that shifting gears from being a bestselling author to become a YouTube sensation was one of the best moves of her career because it allowed her to reach a wider audience online. The dating expert currently has over 31,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel where she regularly produces seven-minute advice videos.

Her videos cover every dating topic imaginable from identifying red flags on a date to building trust in a relationship. Many videos get inspiration from a question submitted to her by a client or audience member. Susan’s candid manner and straightforward advice helps singles and couples gain clarity on what they need to do to reach their relationship goals.

“I want to speak honestly in a language my followers understand,” she said. “I try not to dumb it down because that just doesn’t feel right to me.”

Susan Winter has amassed a dedicated following on YouTube thanks to her down-to-earth tone and her precise explanations of tricky dating topics. Her Q&As offer detailed assessments — not just cliché clickbait — and that has made her stand out as a dating authority. She focuses on producing original, quality-driven content with actionable suggestions to inform and strengthen her audience.

“I think daters are hungry for relationship information that’s not the same packaged and presented information they see all the time,” she said. “I’m truly ready to give people meaningful and useful information, and I know the demographic I work with really want and value that.”

Empowering Singles to Speak Up & Reach Their Goals

Susan has consulted with singles living around the world. Many of her clients found her because of her advice videos. Her coaching business has grown steadily as her YouTube channel captures people’s attention, and her Magnifi account sparks their curiosity. The low barrier of entry of her on-demand coaching encourages first-time clients to call her up and see what her dating coaching is all about.

It doesn’t take much time or money for them to engage in a quick consultation, and many first-timers come back for a follow-up session as issues arise in their love lives.

“In our industry, there are a lot of pain points,” Susan acknowledged. “It can be crippling to live in pain and not know what to do about it. So that’s why it’s important for me to offer immediate consulting sessions.”

“Dear Susan, your videos are amazing and so are you.” — Jassi in a YouTube comment

Susan said her clients’ demographics has shifted dramatically in the last year. In the past, a majority of her clients (up to 80%) were men, and now 75% of her clients are women. More millennial women have reached out to Susan on her videos and through Magnifi to understand what’s going on in the dating world.

“The way people consume information is changing. First, they’ll watch, then they’ll listen, and then they’ll read,” she said. “The visual medium has taken off in our profession, and we as coaches have to learn to serve those needs. We have to figure out how to move our businesses and stay in sync with modern technology.”

Susan Winter: A Cutting-Edge Coach for Modern Daters

Throughout her career, Susan has dared to be different and make herself heard by taking advantage of all avenues available to her. From publishing self-help books to posting advice videos, she has concentrated on giving singles everywhere the clarity and understanding they need to move forward.

In the last year, she has expanded her bottom line by making herself available to singles on the go. Her professional consultant profile on Magnifi has given Susan a direct channel between herself and her clients. Now anyone with a pressing concern and a smartphone can reach out to Susan for help. The service is affordable, it’s reasonable, and it’s rapidly growing in popularity.

Susan told us she believes on-demand coaching is the way of the future, and high-tech tools like Magnifi will allow dating professionals to get their messages across and educate more singles as they go through the ups and downs of dating.

“I would love to see less confusion and more honesty in dating,” she said. “I want to empower people to speak up. Everything I do, everything I advocate for, is for people to be clear on what they want and need, and be able to articulate that to a partner.”

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