Lovers and friends come in and out of our lives. This is a natural occurrence. Yet, upon this revelation we often feel baldly. “Why did this happen? How could they let me down? I thought we shared a love, a connection, and that we were closer.”

Emotions of loss, betrayal, invalidation and sadness are common to the parting of ways. It takes thinking through this occurrence to get to a state of peace, power and purpose.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we find we’re rarely surprised. We felt it coming on. We sensed a growing separation.

If we can look at the entire event from another perspective, we realize there was a shift. Perhaps we didn’t want this shift to occur. We weren’t ready. It didn’t seem like the right time or the right conditions. Yet, this parting of ways is a natural and necessary part of life.

We humans are in constant movement.

Moment by moment and day by day, we are accumulating new information and experiences. We are continually adding to our interior data bank. Each new discovery sends a wave of new messages that alter our thinking and feeling.

We are growing and changing. To ask a human not to allow this process is to stop the flow of evolution.

In response, our values and priorities shift. And, in accordance with these massive adjustments, it’s only natural that our friendships and love affairs shift in correspondence.

People are aligned when they are on the same page.

Situational relationships such as shared hobbies or work environments foster to unite individuals that otherwise would not come into each others sphere. These connections are more easily subject to change due to their transient nature.

If the foundational elements underlying these alliances aren’t stable enough to weather a new environment, there is an erosion of the relationship. All of this is natural. We were united in a time and space of energetic similarity.

When friends or lovers make their departure, we are apt to feel heightened loss. These were relationships independent of shared interest or location, secured from the heart.

When this occurs, the same underlying reasons are at hand. There has been a shift. Wanted or unwanted, this shift has broken the connection.

Rather than lament this ending, we can embrace what was and continue to move forward.

For reasons we may not know and information that may never be revealed, we do know this— something has shifted. That shift is an indication that we are to move; move forward and keep moving. Without regret, and without belaboring the reasons.

We can acknowledge that information and take our cue to move as well. Whatever was, is now our past. It added value in its time, and serves as the foundation for our next series of connections. It all has a place in the greater architecture of our evolution.

Life is always moving us forward. People will come and go. It’s not to be interpreted as loss, if we can keep our attention on where we are going while being thankful to those who joined us in our transit.