You’ve been writing to me in the form of video requests. Now I have a faster, easier method that’s guaranteed to answer your burning questions— on demand. I’ve partnered with Magnifi, the free app that lets you call me directly without a pre-reserved timeslot.

Magnifi is currently available in the US and Canada, though they’re expanding their global reach in the near future. All you need is an iPhone (Android users will be launching soon). From your iPhone, upload the free Magnifi app and call me today. 

Here’s more info. Talk to you soon!

Magnifi is empowering people through a peer-to-peer on-demand knowledge sharing app. Built-in audio/video and search capabilities through Magnifi gives users unrivaled ability to seek and share knowledge. Are you looking to learn, or do you have skills you’d like to share while earning money? Magnifi provides a unique way to get on-demand answers and advice from knowledgeable people anytime, and lets you capitalize on your own knowledge. Collaborate with us by reaching out at

Here’s how it works:
• Search by name or keyword
• Tap to see the expert profile video, knowledge category and detailed description
• Connect with an expert in real-time and pay only for the time needed. Select call if they’re currently available or message them instantly to schedule an audio or video call
• Payments are made automatically using a connected credit card, with a receipt provided via email
• After the call, rate and provide feedback. Experts and customers both rate each other after each session helping others and creating a stronger community

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P.S. Just so you know… I’m not being compensated for this message. I’m not invested in Magnifi, nor do I have a relationship with any of its employees or managers. It’s just an awesome method of coaching that I really believe in. I kept wishing somebody would create this kind of service, and Magnifi did!