Sex is NEVER, just about sex. Ask any therapist. Our sexuality is a form of outer expression, yet its complex origins lie deeply rooted in the unconscious. Sex can be the need for power, validation, assurance, intimacy or love. It can be driven by purely physical lust, but also contain the seeds of numerous other desires and needs. While many would care to pass it off as only a physical act, the psychological aspects are intensely integrated. That’s why, in the modern world of hook-ups, it’s never just that simple to dismiss.

The biological components of sexuality place younger men and older women on the same frequency, at the same time. Women come into their sexual peak later in life, and men at a much earlier age. Of course, they are in tune with each other, and would naturally feel a resonation in the form of chemistry. Society, on the other hand, has long held that this mutual alliance “isn’t natural.” It’s odd. Nature, defines what is natural. Society seeks to define conformation and order.