For the mature woman, sexual communication is far beyond “Oh baby, you’re so hot.” It is, to an older woman, a form of deep intimacy. Honesty is intimacy. Without honesty, there is no possibility of having a rewarding relationship. The bedroom is just another location for one’s communication skills to shine. It is the older woman, who has freed herself from years of pre-programmed responses, or lack there of, who is able to engage her partner in the fullest sense of personal and mutual satisfaction.

An older woman has the great gift of having additional years from which to disconnect from the stereotypical social template. While younger women still labor to dismantle the gamut of socially prescribed images they’ve been force-fed (from what is “hot,” to what is “proper”), a mature woman has learned through life experience what she likes, and doesn’t. She’s had time to explore her own feelings. She’s had time to discover her own style of communication. While it is exactly these qualities that make her so alluring to younger men outside the bedroom, it is in the bedroom that this freedom to express and communicate grants “age,” as a definite benefit.

The manner of sexual communication is one of personal choice. It can verbal, and/or non-verbal. It can be playful or sultry. It can be romantic or raw. Best yet, it can be a combination of all these forms. Self awareness allows for comfort. Self knowledge allows for confidence. No judgment, no fear. Just the truth. And this ease allows for one’s partner to feel the same level of comfort and confidence.