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The Cure For Heartache cover

Breakup Triage: The Cure for Heartache

Finally, a real cure for the pain and confusion that’s dismantled your life as a result of this breakup. My 7-step action plan creates a tangible shift in your confidence and attitude within 30 minutes. You’ll:

  • Dismantle your ex’s impact upon you, and power to affect you
  • Regain mental clarity and emotional serenity
  • Reclaim self-esteem, confidence, and wholeness
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From Negative to Positive in 20 minuets

Negative to Positive in 20 Minutes

Gain immediate relief from any negative situation and reactivate your joy and confidence. You’ll feel better in the time it takes you to listen to this audiocast with the tools I share to reframe your thinking and perspective.

  • Reroute negative thinking to a positive reality
  • Transform challenges into successes
  • Reunite with your truth and your power

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Allowing Magnificence cover

Allowing Magnificence

A ‘unified you’ is an unstoppable force of power and purpose. Allowing your innate magnificence to shine forth is the process of uncovering your own perfection, and realizing that you are your greatest asset. Life becomes joyous and love unfolds with ease:

  • Extract the gifts within Life’s challenges
  • Discovering the master key that unlocks your confidence
  • Reconnect to the limitless power you already possess
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Older Women, Younger Men cover

Older Women/Younger Men

Considered “the bible” for older women and the younger men who love them, this bestselling book shifted social consciousness and continues to provide help, support and insight to couples today. The complete guide to everything you’ll need to know:

  • How to deal with negative attitudes from friends and family
  • Why these relationships can, and do, last
  • Advice and stories of over 200 couples involved in a relationship like yours
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