It’s wise to start at the top when embarking upon a new relationship.

That means, from the highest point of our self esteem and contentment. In order to create the possibility of a great relationship, we need to be grounded. Without the sure footing of inner confidence and outer goals, we can’t expect to receive the same from the world. We draw to us, that which is within. We are only able to call in those of similar energy.

If we’re hurting, vulnerable, needy, weak or broken-hearted; this isn’t the time to be dating. We’ll only attract a person who either holds those qualities as well, or intensifies those qualities within us.

There’s no getting to “whole” via another person.

Entering a relationship won’t fix us. We’ll have the same life and the same issues. The only difference is that we may draw someone else into the mix. Hoping they’ll make us feel better, we soon discover they do not. We can’t attract a “whole” person into our lives when we’re fragmented.

New involvements are tricky business. They can trigger underlying emotional discontent.

The fantasy of being healed via partnership can quickly turn to a greater torment. Partnership isn’t the quick-fix answer for loneliness. It magnifies all that’s happening inside, and projects it onto the big screen of physical reality. Starting from a weakened position is to set ourselves up for more sadness. In times of insecurity, the best option is a time-out while we tend to ourselves.

  • To start at the top is to begin a new connection from solid ground. Clear on what we want and who we are, we open to the idea of what we want to create in partnership.
  • We’re involved and happy in our own life, while open to discovering its increase in romance.
  • Starting at the top means we’ve taken stock on what has and hasn’t worked for us in past partnerships. We’re at peace and content with the present. From this position, we’ll engage a correct partner with similar alignment.

The real desire in partnership is to ascend to a place that’s of greater benefit than in previous relationships. As we continue our journey of evolution, we increase the opportunity to meet those who are also in an elevated place. Coming into the dating scene weak and wounded, we can only attract those who resonate at that level.

I hear from many people who yearn for partnership as a method to heal their sadness. It can’t. No one can heal you, but yourself.

If you enter dating at a low point, you’ll discover that resonance in your partner. If you start at the top, you will get the best of what can be offered. This isn’t anecdotal. It’s a Universal law.

Like attracts like. When we begin a new connection happy with our own life, the energy is in place to rise to a higher point.