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3 New Dating Terms Inspired by the Pandemic | ABC TV The List

By: Producers Rossi Ramirez | Heidi Foglesong

Do you know the 3 newest dating terms that arisen during the Pandemic?  For example; Have you been ‘zumped?’ Or, ‘Are you in a ‘turbo relationship?’ Watch my feature interview with The List Show TV for the latest dating terms inspired by the Pandemic: #zumping #turborelationship #TheListTVShow


It’s always thrilling to be on camera. For me, it’s one fo the things I like the best about my line of work. Not only do I get to meet new producers […]

People are calling Arie’s behavior on ‘The Bachelor’ abusive — but experts say it isn’t that simple | Insider interview

By Sara Hendricks

Was Arie’s behavior abusive? Susan Winter, a relationship expert and best-selling author, thinks that the breakup scene between Arie and Becca is representative of issues she sees in modern dating culture. “Arie seemed caught between guilt and wanting to make himself feel better, which gave everything he said a subtext of  ‘I should act like I care about this’ [more than any genuine emotion],” Winter told INSIDER.

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