The Perks of Aging

As a woman of 107, I can’t say aging has been a delightful experience. I must have several young men on hand at all times just to do the basics; drive me to the male review, open my pill bottles, and remind me of what I was attempting to do but forgot.

Despite its obvious limitations, aging comes with a delicious set of perks that cannot be realized in one’s youth. The greatest of these is the gift of wisdom. All the trials and rewards of […]

Is Age Really “Just a Number??”

As one who shudders when she inputs her age in her on-line dating profile, I must protest. While we often hear the comment, “Age is just a number”…what a difference the exact digits makes. Recently I tried on-line dating as a last ditch effort to increase the number of men I was able to meet (outside my local gym). Having met my romantic partners in the health clubs for the last 30 years I came to the sad realization that writing is indeed a solitary […]

A Woman’s Worth


We run companies. We run countries. Regardless of advanced college degrees and net worth… at the end of the day a woman’s worth is still judged by youth and beauty. Is it fair? No. Is it an accurate assessment? No. But the big cog of social perception moves slowly.

For centuries, a woman’s youth and beauty were the determinant of her worth.

When we listen to the world we forget our truth.

When the voices of social assessment scream more loudly […]

The “Age Cage”

The unfolding awareness that “age is just a number” is beginning to sink into our cultural mindset.

Real liberation is when every woman sees age as merely a marker. You know, the kind of stuff one must include on a driver’s license or legal documents… such as; street address, social security number, etc. It’s just a tool to code, classify and organize information.

Age is, in actuality, only a marker. It denotes the number of years we’ve spent on this earth. As the understanding of our human […]

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