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CBS Radio WILS | Emmanuel Macron/Age-Gap Love | interview

CBS Radio WILS interviews Susan Winter on French president Emmanuel Macron’s age-gap love with his wife, 24 years his senior.

CBS Radio’s Michael Cohen interviews relationshp expert Susan Winter on the finer oints of age-gap love, as evidenced by president Macron’s relationship stirring up so much press in the US.

Susan and journalist Michael Cohen discuss:

  • why younger men are attracted to older women
  • how do they connect mentally and physically
  • what are the social repercussions
  • evolution of Emanuel and Brigitte’s love
  • message to an evolving world


“Nobody would call it unusual if the […]

My CBS Radio Interview (WCCO) on Modern Dating Protocol

What do most men do wrong? And why do they think that presenting themselves in this way is a “plus?” And what can we, as women, do to help them have a meaningful connection? Find our the answer to these questions in the podcast below. Here’s my interview on The Chad Hartman Show, WCCO radio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I grew up in Minnesota, so talking about modern dating protocol and my 98 Men/9 Months article was great fun […]

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