8 Reasons to Date a 23 Year-Old Man (regardless of your age)

I recently began seeing a much younger man. He is 23. He is also well bred, well educated, ambitious, intelligent, handsome and gentlemanly. Withstanding the protestations of some of my more traditional and conservative friends, I feel I am justified in my choice. One must not be an ageist, or be found guilty of discrimination against the very young. They too, have their merits beyond the obvious.

What tangible arguments can I offer to the women who habitually order the Blue Plate Special and relish the security […]

Is Age Really “Just a Number??”

As one who shudders when she inputs her age in her on-line dating profile, I must protest. While we often hear the comment, “Age is just a number”…what a difference the exact digits makes. Recently I tried on-line dating as a last ditch effort to increase the number of men I was able to meet (outside my local gym). Having met my romantic partners in the health clubs for the last 30 years I came to the sad realization that writing is indeed a solitary […]

Cougars; The New “King” of the Jungle

Cougars: each year fashion magazines pick a color and rename it as the ‘new black.’ Similarly, the media is now stating women are the ‘new men.’ But this economic trend isn’t a fad. It’s a concrete power shift that’s proving its continuing reality as it changes the entire social dynamic between our two genders.

Women have out-paced men in securing greater numbers of advanced college degrees. We’re out-earning our male counterparts despite a non-equal pay scale. Recent statistics herald women as the “breadwinner” in 40% of […]

Sex is Never, Just about Sex

Sex is NEVER, just about sex. Ask any therapist. Our sexuality is a form of outer expression, yet its complex origins lie deeply rooted in the unconscious. Sex can be the need for power, validation, assurance, intimacy or love. It can be driven by purely physical lust, but also contain the seeds of numerous other desires and needs. While many would care to pass it off as only a physical act, the psychological aspects are intensely integrated. That’s why, in the modern world of hook-ups, […]

Is He Playing You?

When initially meeting a highly eager younger man in pursuit, the question of intent comes to mind. What’s his motive? Men reveal themselves constantly— in small seemingly insignificant ways and in glaringly obvious ways. If he’s pursuing you, assume at the least, he’s physically attracted. That means, “Yes. I’d sleep with this woman.” There’re only two boxes men check off in their mind— yes, and no.

If it’s just sex, determine if that’s what you want as well. If you know you want more than sex, […]

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