Breadcrumbing, ghosting and bad dating behavior | BBC Asian Network Radio

A big hello to all of my UK friends and followers! I’m so excited to have recorded a LIVE interview tonight on BBC Asian Network Radio. The topic is all about bad dating behavior. Learn why daters will ghost, breadcrumb, and play other dating games. If you missed the LIVE show, here’s the replay:

Learn the tell-tale signs: flattery, seduction, flirtation, cat and mouse coyness, hot and cold behavior.

Decode the thinking behind giving you “small doses of hope.”

Learn how they draw you in romantically, but that always […]

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Benching vs. Cushioning vs. Breadcrumbing—Dating Terms Explained | InStyle feature


Nowadays, there’s seemingly a new dating term for every nuanced form of behavior. Relationship expert Susan Winter attributes our growing lexicon to the effect technology has on romance.

The guy you were talking to on Tinder suddenly stops responding? You just got ghosted. Your kind-of boyfriend is being flaky? You’re probably being benched. Or maybe you’re being breadcrumbed or cushioned—it’s hard to tell.

Why are the niche terms proliferating? here’s an “ease and lack of rules around dating,” she says. “There’s […]

“We’re Technically Dating” | Huffington Post interview

By Clarissa Silva

“We’re Technically Dating” for The Huffington Post interviews relationship expert Susan Winter on breadcrumbing, and social media’s affect upon modern daters. 

Breadcrumbing is nothing new, it allows you to keep your options open while stringing someone else along with the least amount of effort or regard for the other person. Social media facilitating it is new. “Our interconnected world allows for brevity. Truncated messages = truncated emotions. Social media removes the effort involved in emotional dialogue. Why explain our feelings when we can […]

How to tell if someone is actually busy or just not that into you | Business Insider feature

By Talia Lakritz

Susan Winter tells Business Insider how to tell if someone is actually busy or just not that into you.

Why haven’t they called yet? The INSIDER Summary:

• Someone who’s interested will immediately reschedule a canceled date.
• If they’re trying to blow you off, they’ll be vague about when you’ll see them next.
• Go with your gut, and if all else fails, just ask whether they’re feeling it.
You’re trying to plan a date, but your schedules just don’t line up. When you do finally find a time […]

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