Pandemic Dating with Susan Winter | The ExExperts podcast

Pandemic Dating with Susan Winter; How has the pandemic changed our approach to dating and mindset toward partnership? This podcast episode with the ExExperts explores this topic. #ExExperts #pandemicdating 

About the ExExperts:

We are two best friends, who got divorced at the exact same time…and although we had completely different experiences, we were lucky enough to have each other through it all.

Rising from the lack of resources, support and information during our separate journeys, along with the desire to help others maneuver through the process, we created […]

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Dating after divorce in your 40’s | Alchemy of Women podcast interview

Dating after divorce (in your 40’s)? My podcast interview with the Alchemy of Women reveals the complexities of online dating, and how to best approach this new world with open eyes and an open heart.


Host Lisa Lovlin and Susan discuss the many challenges women face when entering the new world of dating after divorce, and having been partnered in a relationship for many years. How do you date? What’s the protocol? Who pays? When do you have sex?

These are the questions that Susan and […]

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How to Spot Financial Infidelity | US News & World Report interview

By Andrea Woroch

How do you spot financial infidelity? US News and World Report asked relationship expert Susan Winter for the telltale signs to look for in your mate’s behavior.

Honesty is essential to a healthy and long-lasting relationship, and any breach of trust could rip two people apart. While most people think of betrayal as being emotional or physical in nature, financial infidelity can be equally crippling and is more common than many realize.

In fact, according to a survey by the National Endowment for Financial Education, […]

Psychology expert thinks we’re expecting too much from our romantic partners | CW33 TV/Morning Dose interview

The Morning Dose with anchors Laila Muhammad and Melissa Rycroft

Morning Dose/CW33 TV asks relationship expert Susan Winter if we’re expecting too much from our romantic partner.

Are we expecting too much from our romantic partners? At least one psychology expert says we might be.

A psychology professor from University of Chicago says in past centuries the primary function of marriage was for food, shelter, and protection from violence. It later evolved around love and companionship, which is what we would like to think about marriage today.

But according […]

Can couples counseling help Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage? Interview | New York Daily News


Couples counseling might not be the worst thing for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The pop-culture icons — who have each experienced their own individual traumas in recent weeks — are apparently seeking professional therapy in an effort to help their marriage amid the wave of off-screen drama currently engulfing their lives, reported.

Speculation regarding the state of their marriage has run rampant since West was hospitalized after a mental breakdown last month. Meanwhile, Kardashian has uncharacteristically disappeared from the spotlight since being bound, […]

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