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The Experts Answer Your Biggest Relationship Questions | Elite Singles interview

By: Zoe Coetzee
In summer 2018, EliteSingles conducted a survey to uncover the biggest, most pressing relationship questions you have about love and dating today. Gathering some of the best advice from a selection of leading experts from around the world, EliteSingles answers these burning relationship questions here. With everything you need to know, we set out to demystify some of the mystery surrounding relationships, love and dating…

The burning topics: your love questions

So, what were the pressing questions you wanted answered? We surveyed 2700 participants to uncover […]

The Reality of Dating a Younger Guy; with Susan Winter | Elite Singles profile feature

By Alex Rennie

Elite Singles interviews relationship expert Susan Winter on the reality of dating a younger guy in this profile feature.

The idea of an older woman dating a younger guy isn’t exactly a new revelation; it’s a dynamic that’s featured across multiple cultures for centuries gone by. That said, older woman/younger man relationships have become increasingly visible in recent years, though that visibility hasn’t necessarily translated into a shift in societal norms. In search of an expert angle, we spoke to relationship doyen Susan Winter […]

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