Parting Ways; The Natural Cycle of Life

Lovers and friends come in and out of our lives. This is a natural occurrence. Yet, upon this revelation we often feel baldly. “Why did this happen? How could they let me down? I thought we shared a love, a connection, and that we were closer.”

Emotions of loss, betrayal, invalidation and sadness are common to the parting of ways. It takes thinking through this occurrence to get to a state of peace, power and purpose.

If we’re honest with ourselves, […]

Playing the Victim

How many times have I seen a group of individuals rally to the side of a “victim,” as he/she bemoans the cruel breakup of a love affair? More times than I care to count.

This is a classic scene, one replayed endlessly. The script is the same each time, as the wounded man or woman berates and attacks their errant partner, while professing their sad state of affairs. Through extension, they work their way into the general ideology that “women/men are no good,” stirring the pot […]

Endings are Beginnings

We know certain truths about the physical world in which we live, yet want to create a different story when it comes to love. We can easily observe the changing of the seasons. We know life contains the reality of birth and death.

But in love, we want things to be different. We want ease, security and the promise of no pain. This is the very fantasy that causes our discontentment.

It’s  only upon understanding that there are two sides to life, as well as many dimensions […]

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