What to Expect When You Get Engaged to Your Long-Distance Partner | The Knot interview

By Sophie Ross

It’s a totally different ball game when you’re thousands of miles apart.

What can you expect when you’re getting engaged?  “A long-distance partner requires the ultimate level of commitment,” relationship expert Susan Winter tells The Knot.

You truly only know what a long-distance relationship feels like if you’ve been in one. The intense highs (spending an entire weekend together) combined with the deep lows (tearing up on your flight home) can create a total roller coaster […]

A relationship expert reveals when you should get engaged | Business Insider interview

By Talia Lakritz

Getting engaged is a big commitment.The INSIDER Summary:

       • Getting engaged means you have a shared vision of your lives together.
       • It’s important to have a sense of direction when it comes to major decisions.
       • Go with your gut, and make sure you know what you’re getting into.
It’s easy to get swept up in the starry-eyed romance of a perfectly planned proposal, but getting engaged isn’t all surprise scavenger hunts and Pinterest-worthy events. According to relationship […]

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