LIVE Call-In with Susan: Tuesday Dec. 18th (7pm Facebook/8pm YouTube)

Join me for a LIVE Q&A call-in this coming Tuesday, December 18th.

Facebook Live- 7pm EST 

YouTube Live- 8pm EST (susanewinter)

Join me this Tuesday for a LIVE call-in, via Magnifi. You’ll be able to speak to me directly and ask your questions on love, heartbreak, and being single during the holidays.


  • Alone for the holidays?
  • Recently broken up?
  • Not invited to your partner’s home?

Do you have a holiday relationship question you want to ask me? I’ll […]

Is the best way to get over someone actually getting under someone else? | Babe feature interview

by Jenn Ficarra

Can rebound sex heal a broken heart? Babe asked relationship expert Susan Winter if the old adage that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else? Is it actually true? Or are we just sticking a dick bandage over the hole in our heart?

According to best-selling author and relationship expert Susan Winter, it’s complicated

For the one who was dumped, “rebound sex is […]

Rise Up For You | Susan Winter: The Cure for Heartache! podcast interview

Rise Up For You interviews Susan Winter on The Cure for Heartache! in this podcast interview.

Guest Speaker For Episode #121 Susan Winter

Today we will be speaking to Susan Winter about the cure for heartache! She will be telling us how we can take actionable steps to get over our heartache and move on and find the partner we are looking for!


RECOMMENDED BOOK: The Mental Equivalent by Emmet Fox

If you know anybody that would benefit from this episode please share it with them and help spread […]

The Cure for Heartbreak with Susan Winter | Find The Right Man

Find The Right Man interviews Susan Winter on her Cure for Heartbreak. This discussion outlines her 7-step process to healing the pain of a breakup.

In this interview Antia Boyd and Susan dissect the myths that create the pain of heartache.This discussion outlines her 7-step process to healing the pain of a breakup, and moving toward wholeness. Susan’s insight has helped countless individuals recover their confidence and serenity. This interview illuminates the way out of heartache:

  • Why we long for them one minute and hate them the next
  • How […]

Death of a Dream

When a relationship ends, it isn’t the person we mourn. It’s the death of the dream we miss.

The person with whom we think we are in love, brought us the dream. They created a template from which we saw our future and craved what we saw. Perhaps they promised a life we desired.

Perhaps we saw a vision of what we wanted to create, and they were the pivotal piece in that scenario. Beyond our love of the person, the greater love that attends all relationships […]

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