Can you find love during the coronavirus? | InStyle interview excerpt

CREDITS AND ATTRIBUTIONS: Videographer- Luiz Schiel  Journalist: Allison Taylor

Love in the time of coronavirus? We can’t meet in IRL to go on a date or chat over a drink. Worse yet, many of us haven’t been out of our pajamas for weeks and the solitude is taking its toll on our dating mojo. How do we best address our loneliness? The following in an excerpt from my interview with InStyle magazine. Here’s a video clip by director/videographer Luiz Schiel:


Journalist Allison Taylor asked me the reasons behind […]

Coronavirus May Actually Change Online Dating for the Better | InStyle interview

A few days before the coronavirus pandemic swept through New York City, transforming everyday life as we know it, my best friend went on a date. She’d hit things off with a guy on Hinge and they had plans to meet up at a bar for a few rounds of pinball — standard first-date stuff for the world of four weeks ago. But as she was getting ready to leave, she received a series of worrisome texts. Her date might have been exposed […]

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How to Tell If You’re in an Almost Relationship | InStyle Magazine interview

By Nikhita Mahtani

Dating is hard. Actually, that might be the understatement of the year — dating can be brutal. When you finally find someone you connect with — a person makes you laugh, respects your opinion, and is generally pretty much always there for you, it feels like such a relief. But what if that person doesn’t want to label it? What if you’re both doing coupley things, but never actually clarify that you’re a couple?

You might just be in an almost relationship.

“I often find […]

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Psychologist Explains Why First Loves Are Actually the Strongest | InStyle feature

By Olivia Bahou

Are first loves really are the strongest? InStyle asked relationship expert Susan Winter for her thoughts on the reuniting power of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

When Selena Gomez reunited with her on-again, off-again ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber again in 2017, I’ll admit that I joined in the chorus of groans. “You’re better than that,” we grumbled under our breath, lamenting that the star had seemingly fallen once again into a toxic relationship.

But while to some, Bieber may seem like a playboy whose record […]

Benching vs. Cushioning vs. Breadcrumbing—Dating Terms Explained | InStyle feature


Nowadays, there’s seemingly a new dating term for every nuanced form of behavior. Relationship expert Susan Winter attributes our growing lexicon to the effect technology has on romance.

The guy you were talking to on Tinder suddenly stops responding? You just got ghosted. Your kind-of boyfriend is being flaky? You’re probably being benched. Or maybe you’re being breadcrumbed or cushioned—it’s hard to tell.

Why are the niche terms proliferating? here’s an “ease and lack of rules around dating,” she says. “There’s […]

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