Should You Bring Your Partner Home For The Holidays, Or Not? Interview with Nylon Magazine

by Hayden Manders

’Tis the season for evaluating. Cuffing season is approaching. It’s that special time of year when temperatures dip low and folks are looking to get coupled-up not that slow. It’s when our desire for romance and need for warmth come together in a peculiar marriage, where single folks who normally relish their singledom feel that unnecessary but all too familiar societal peer pressure to find a lover and those in relationships begin to reflect on where they are.

Or, as bestselling author and relationship expert […]

Handling “Checked” and “Unchecked Baggage”

The “perfect” partner doesn’t exist. Accepting baggage’s existence is a step forward in rational thinking.

There’s only question we need to ourselves when bringing someone new into our lives; “Are these the types of issues I’m willing to handle?”

Meeting a romantic prospect is like buying a “blind item.” At first glance everything looks great. In our first meetings, far too much information is missing to form an accurate assessment of what lies beneath the surface. People tend to be on their best behavior when dating. They […]

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